First Hoar Frost

Ted Baschak 1919-2013

Robert Genn

Matters of the Heart

And the Children will Play


Sweet PeasSweet Peas

Fall Flowers

A river scene

Dusk en plein air

Shellmouth United Church

Shellmouth en Plein air painting

JJ Cale

Shellmouth Valley

What was said to the Rose

A Plein Air piece

Wolf Willow Retreat en plein air

en Plein Air

Down the back lane

Prickly Pear Blossoms

Eastend, Saskatchewan

Where the Buffalo used to Roam

Thinking about Eastend

Work in progress

Collaborative Paintings

Mountain Creek

Is Winter finally over?

A Fence in Passing

Variation on a Theme


Full moon falling

The colour of Ice

Bright Skies of March

A Bouquet


Dust in the Wind

A Pastel

RV West magazine article

Mount Rundle

Rocky Mountain Sogurn

Alina - under construction