Sundown near Manitou

Feliz Navidad

Plein Air Pastel

The extraordinary thing about the ordinary thing

Shimmering Water

First Snow

Hue and Saturation

The Joy of Collaboration

The Magpie

To A Certain Cantatrice

Schist Lake, Manitoba

Warm October Afternoon

Fading Glory

Painting from Memory

Mendocino Afternoon


California Dreaming

Glorious Autumn

Something outside my window

Thinking about Utah

Eastend Plein Air

Pristine Waters

Morning on the Water

The Burden of Leadership


Rock Paintings

A Plein Air Painting

Schist Lake Morning

The Value of Thankfulness

Denare Beach Art Retreat

Day Lilies

The Blue Hotel


Wind in the Grass, Smoke on the Wind

A Pastel from Eastend

Eastend 2011, the third day

Eastend 2011, the second day

Eastend 2011

Shellmouth goes North

Spring Raining Down

Thinking like Leonardo Da Vinci

On the beauty of Blue Herons

On being Ruthless to be Kind

Lost in Utah

Thinking of Eastend

The Greening of the World

The Aftermath

After the Rain

Ordinary Places

Robins and Crocus's

Signs of Spring