Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eastend Plein Air

I discovered this 10 x 12 plein air oil painting in a closet in my studio just now.  It was painted a few years ago down in Eastend and portrays the view from a hill overlooking Don's ranch, where we all stay when we are down there for our annual retreat on the July weekend.  I had a call from my painting buddy Dean Bauche early last week inviting me to go down there and do some encaustic painting with him.  Would have been nice but I had to be in attendance for our Art of Import Show and also in Regina for my wife. (she needed a chauffeur).  The good thing is I got to see a wonderful exhibit of the Regina Five Painters, I was particularly taken with Art MacKays work.  Canada's painters are severly under rated and should be getting alot more attention on the world stage.  Funny thing happened when I walked into the Gallery, Danny Bauche yelled, "hey, I know that guy!"  So we had a nice chat and I ended up spending time with Deans daughter instead of him.  Funny how life is.

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