Monday, October 17, 2011

California Dreaming

Crystal, Michael and I are back from our trip down to California and what a trip it was.  We followed the coast all the way down and I know Crystal had her eyes tightly shut more than once as Michael maneuvered his way around some tight slow corners on the edge of the Pacific Ocean!  I could feel my abs working on both sides of my body as we made our way down the coast.  We made many stops along the way to explore the coastline and the redwood forests, it is all quite overwhelming and there is to much to say in just one post.  The pastel above was done en plein air at a place called Agate Beach, where we camped for three days.  There usually was fog in the air which added a serene quality to the place.  I didn't sleep much while I was there because the sound of the huge waves, which reminded me of freight trains, was constant and very loud.  They sounded like they were actually moving large rocks at times.  I brought a couple of pounds of pebbles back from the beach for my rock garden!

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