Friday, May 13, 2011

The Greening of the World

New Green  Oil  $100.00
One cannot help but notice that the world around us is getting greener. Its a curious thing but before the leaves get green they appear as a lovely rose colour (a perfect complementary colour).  Interesting how the Big Oug in the Sky dresses creation.  The painting I have posted above was done alla prima on site the other day.  When I got myself set up on the side of the hill I discovered that I had forgotten my palette!  I quickly decided to carry on though as I was enthralled by the beauty before me, which can be quite fleeting.  In lieu of a palette I just took paint off the end of my tubes of paint and applied it in a hurried, haphazard manner with a brush and painting knife. Must say that I have never done that before but it worked out Ok.  I even put some new green grass in amongst last years growth, just because.

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