Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dust in the Wind

Dust in the Wind
Just recently my beloved Blue Hotel was demolished and hauled away. I have to say it was rather sad to see it go and I wonder if it was really necessary, but thats another matter.  The building has been and will continue to be a special source of subject matter for me, to date I have maybe 6 paintings of it. This painting measures 4 feet square and is an Oil on birch panel.  It was actually started last summer at our retreat in Eastend SK and has undergone a number of changes to arrive at the point it is at presently.  Maybe it will have to sit for awhile, no danger of it being destroyed in my studio!  On a happier note I have received word that my painting Mt. Rundle, below, has been accepted into a FCA show in Kamloops to be held this April.

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Jane said...

That's a great title ! Love the warm colors of this painting, a beautiful abstract that would suite any room. Congrats on the painting accepted for the exhibition...that's good news :-)