Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thinking about Eastend

Stone circle near Eastend, SK
I painted this oil a number of years ago, it has been hanging in my sons home up to awhile ago. I remember being quite taken with Sharon Butala's book The Perfection of the Morning and her remembrances of walking in the grasslands around Eastend Saskatchewan. She talked of the almost mystical experiences she had on these meanderings amongst the grass and stone tee pee rings she found along the way.  I myself have had some memorable times in those strangely wonderful hills while down that way on our annual July long weekend Art Retreat. Anyways, this painting is a memory of those times walking and painting on bright sunny days amongst the grass, wild flowers, cactus, the wind and red tailed hawks screaming overhead. I look forward every year to be there with my beloved friends and landscape very soon now.


Jane said...

You used some really warm colors to describe this landscape, looks like a wonderful place where you can let your thoughts flow without interruptions :-)

Bianca Botes said...

I tuoi occhi ,Hanno il potere di trasformare l'aurora di un mattino ,in un meraviglioso e incantato poema di colori !
Lo trovo stupendo !
Un caro saluto Bianca

Darrell Baschak said...

Thank you ladies, I appreciate your comments.