Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eastend, Saskatchewan

I may have posted this painting before but I include it now to illustrate the place I am leaving for tomorrow.  It is called Eastend and is situated in the the south west corner of Saskatchewan, very near the American border.  A number of artists, including poets, musicians, potters, painters and drama people gather at Wolf Willow Ranch for a number of days to celebrate Life and Art.  We make Art, cook great food and enjoy the great outdoors. There is time to walk in the meadows and hills and discover ancient Tee Pee rings, arrow heads and spears and maybe even dinosaur bones.  This time of the year the geography can look like Ireland or Wales, it is so green and vibrant. Later in the summer it will be extremely dry and brown.  Many many years ago this land was teaming with buffalo and Native American Indians but sadly that is no longer so.

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Jane said...

The painting shows an awesome landscape with flowers and grasses bowing to the wind, must be a wonderful place to be in .