Friday, October 18, 2013

And the Children will Play

And the Children will Play
Oil on Canvas

This painting started out in one direction and stayed that way for 75 per cent of the time, then it took a left turn. When I was a young boy a bunch of us would play in the school yard with a Catholic priest by the name of Father Henry. I remember he had an old CCM bike with a big wire basket on the handle bars. Father Henry would often bring a kite with him and we would spend hours flying it. I bet he had someone in his life that played with him in the same manner. A wonderful man, I often remember him when I see a kite soaring up in the sky.


Jane said...

I can definitely see all the kites, great movement and love the title !

Richard Baschak said...

Ah yes, Father Henry, flying kites at Kelsey school...hey brother, question, are we ever joined at the hip?