Thursday, March 17, 2011

Great News

I received word via email that my painting "Black Poplars" has been accepted into the annual Federation of Canadian Artists Open Show in Kelowna, BC this April!  These shows are pretty much my only opportunity to show current work in Western Canada so I am quite excited about it all.  The other artists showing are all exceptional painters, I am honored to be included with them.  On another note, I stumbled upon this watercolor in a drawer this afternoon.  After having not seen it for some time I realized that I kind of like it.  It is a whimsical portrayal of a swamp back at The Pas, MB, around the Rosie Mayne Trail where I used to enjoy walking. I remember there being quite a few Great Blue Herons nesting back there and felt I was in a special place when near them.  I love these birds.

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Richard Baschak said...

Hey congrats on your having been accepted in the Federation of Canadian Artists Open Show.

I remember those Great Blue Herons on the Rosie Mayne trail as well....glad you dusted off this image.