Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When it rains

When it rains in this part of Honduras you surely know it, let me tell you. The experience of being outside when the sky opens up is exhilerating. Today it rained so hard that you could hardly hear yourself think. The great thing is that the temperature is very warm so the rain is as well so you actually don't mind getting wet so much. Contrast that with a cold driving rain back in Canada, not so enjoyable. One more full day here and then it is back home for me. My mural is pretty much done, just a few touch ups (the wind today grabbed some sheet metal roofing I was using to protect myself from getting wet and threw it against the mural, scratching it in a few places.) I had a few of the local boys show up today wanting a guitar lesson from me, of all people! It was a rewarding experience to see them play some basic notes, and even sing the notes. Hope they go with it, maybe they will be good players someday. I post a photo of a lovely girl and her brother who will be living in the new home we built for them. Adios.

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