Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I arrived back in Canada the other day and was struck by a number of thoughts. As I left Honduras behind and made my way back home I became increasingly more irritated. This was something happening almost sub-consciously and I was left wondering why. I soon realized that I was hearing and seeing the people around me acting in a manner that was totally different to the Honduran people I had left behind, they seemed to be complaining about the most trivial things and definitely not being thankful for the situation they were in. Even the fact that they were able to travel so freely while the native people left behind never see more than a 30-40 kilometer radius of the world around them was striking to me. Traveling and working in Honduras was a learning experience for me and I am much more grateful for what I have and more willing to help those that are in need, it is a personal growth experience that enriches both the recipient and myself. Muchos Gracias. This watercolour was painted on the beach one Sunday afternoon and the subject turned out to be a favourite haunt for the locals. I had more than a dozen people hanging about me as I painted and it was a great experience for all of us. I will remember it with fondness.

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