Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The trouble with Roosters

I am usually not one to complain but I am having issues with a rooster that roost's across the lane from where I am trying to sleep. This bird starts the most forlorn racket around 2:30 am, just when I am having my best sleep. So up I get and plug in the ear plugs but I can still hear the bird just ever so faintly. Today I came across a little boy who needed help repairing his sling shot (you see where I''m going with this?) Yeah, I figure I'll do me a little sling shot practice and alot of people will rest way better. All joking aside, it was a great day down here. I got lots done on my mural (I should say the kids mural) and will have it done well in advance of when I fly home. There is talk of me maybe doing another one for them, we will see. I believe I have mentioned how much I love these kids down here, and there parents. They humble me with their unabashed love and adoration. They are kind and considerate, respectful and fun loving. My eyes have had a veil lifted, a few more gone and I will see clearly at last. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings! I post a photo of a little girls teddy bear, washed and on the clothes line. She does not have much of anything but her Mom keeps her clothes and one toy immaculately clean. My previous post shows them washing in one of the mountain rivers.


Unknown said...

Hey my Bro,
I think about you everyday.
Thanks for the Blogs.
Really interesting to read.
This trip is going to be a life changing experience!
Stay safe.
Love ya,

JoAnn Baschak said...

Hi Darrell. I've just an opportunity to read your blogs. What an amazing thing you are doing for these people. Though, I get the impression that the return you are receiving is ten fold.
Enjoy yourself and try to get some rest. :-)