Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update from Honduras

This is my second full day here in Honduras and I have managed to pack alot of activities into that time. I am down here with an organization called "Brighter Horizon Ministries". I will be painting at least one mural for them at the school they have built for disadvantaged children from this impoverished area. I believe that I will have time to also help build a simple concrete block home for a single mom and her children. It is very hard to relate how much of an impact this has made on me. There is unbelievable poverty and exquisite happiness visible in the native peoples. More on that later. The country side is beautiful, I am very close to the ocean and the jungle. I have had a little time to paint and hope to have time to do more. I post a photo of this lovely child I came across in a squatters village.

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