Sunday, May 26, 2013

Work in progress

An Oil I'm currently working on. Loads of paint applied with a palette knife on a birch panel approximately 30 x 40 inches.  Having fun with it for sure.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Collaborative Paintings

Dean, Darrell and Jan exhibiting some Mirth
Bonny, Darrell, Jan and Dean

Darrell and Dean having a quiet moment

Jan Layh and Dean Bauche

Dean Bauche and Bonny MacNab

The Four Amazing Amigo Painters

New Owners with Darrell and Shawn Majumder

Four Amigos with Shawn Majumder and owners of Collaborative Painting
You might be able to tell that we seem to be having a lot of fun in these photos. I had the opportunity to hang out with my great friends Dean Bauche, Jan Layh and Bonny MacNab this past weekend in the Battlefords where we were asked to paint a collaborative painting for the Dekker Center Gala. The painting was to be auctioned off to help with the operating expenses of this amazing facility.  Well it turned out that we had time to paint two pictures which were auctioned off for the tidy sum of $4500.00!  The auctioneer was Shawn Majumder, of CBC's This Hour has 22 Minutes fame.  He did a wonderful job for us and many thanks go out to him for that.  Rob Rongve of RBC Securities bought us a very good bottle of wine which definitely added fuel to the fire, thanks Rob! We had a blast. The following three days were spent facilitating an Art Retreat/Workshop with 15 participants and this turned out to be a huge success as well.  So, it turns out that they want us back for next year and seeing how we had such a nice time we will be back!  Thanks so much to Barb and Dean for opening up your home to us crazies, I hope that bottle of good scotch is there when I come back Dean!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek  Oil  8x10

While out visiting my son Michael in Seattle, WA. we had a few opportunities to go on some awesome hikes.  This painting depicts one of the many wonderful sites we came across just outside of Seattle. What a lucky fellow my boy is to live so close to many great outdoor experiences.