Monday, August 29, 2016

Red Canoe

The Red Canoe Oil on Canvas 24 x 42
I came across this scene in the yard across from my back alley, a red canoe stashed away under some Saskatoon Berry bushes on a lawn full of field daisies. I couldn't resist it, had to paint it one sunny Sunday afternoon. It is now hanging in a gallery in Winnipeg, Mb.  Got a lot of satisfaction with this one, lots of thick oil paint applied with various painting knives and blades.

Pine trees on Neso Lake

Pines on Neso Lake  Oil on Canvas 36 x 36
Its been awhile since I've last posted, I've been busy working at my real job as a carpenter to support my passion for painting.  I've just recently returned from my annual Art retreat to Shellmouth, Mb. Had a great time and completed three large painting, the above painting being one.  This scene is one I frequented when I lived in northern Manitoba, a wonderful place of precambrian shield rock, water and trees.  Gotta get back there soon!