Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ted Baschak 1919-2013

Ted Baschak
I've just recently received word that my uncle Ted Baschak passed away in a care home in British Columbia. There are some mixed emotions here as I never met the man, in fact as far as I know his brothers and sisters all thought he was dead a long, long time ago.  The man simply dropped off of the radar, never made contact with anyone for all these years.  I remember my Dad telling me they had some interesting times in Toronto back in the early forties and then he struck out on his own, never to be heard from again.  Apparently he was an artist and free thinker, just like yours truly. It would be interesting to see some of his work, maybe our sentiments had some parallels. I have no idea if he had any family, an estate manager is currently looking for someone to give him direction for burial etc. Very sad state of affairs in that I strive to stay in touch with my immediate and extended family just because of the manner in which my Dad's family didn't. He is not the only member of Dad's side that has pulled similar stunts. One of Dad's mantra's is "family should stay together", no wonder.
I've chosen this painting to show because Dad was a railroad engineer for 37 years, he worked all over Manitoba and parts of Saskatchewan. The train ride to Churchill Manitoba, if I remember correctly, takes around 20 hours and passes through some pretty awesome landscapes, some of it very lonely and barren. The picture is about coming home through that barren land in the dead of winter, which can be a very lonely place indeed.  I wonder if my uncle Ted had his lonely times thinking about his Mom, brothers, and sisters for all those years?
Southward Bound  Oil on Canvas

Monday, October 28, 2013

Robert Genn

Islet, Grenville Channel, BC by Robert Genn
Yesterday morning I took my coffee out to the studio and sat down at the computer to read read Robert Genns bi weekly newsletter,  the Painters Keys, and was extremely saddened to hear he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I know and accept that life is short and that we all must pass sooner or later but why is it always such a shock when we hear such news?  It is abundantly clear that Robert Genn is dearly loved by thousands of people the world over and these people are even now sending out silent messages of hope and love that will benefit him, even as I do.  Wouldn't it be great if all people, all the time, treated each other in this manner? So Robert, may you go to that special place where your best work comes from and find the Love and Peace that heals the body and Soul of all worldly woes.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Matters of the Heart

I wasn't sure what prompted me to paint this Oil, which was painted in August, but now I'm wondering if it was my sub-conscious telling me something about my heart. I've just recently been diagnosed with a heart condition and the more I look at this piece I think it is about inner workings. I often discover hidden messages and images in my work after the painting is done, and others find their own meanings as well.  I know we all should listen to that still, quiet voice inside of ourselves.

Friday, October 18, 2013

And the Children will Play

And the Children will Play
Oil on Canvas

This painting started out in one direction and stayed that way for 75 per cent of the time, then it took a left turn. When I was a young boy a bunch of us would play in the school yard with a Catholic priest by the name of Father Henry. I remember he had an old CCM bike with a big wire basket on the handle bars. Father Henry would often bring a kite with him and we would spend hours flying it. I bet he had someone in his life that played with him in the same manner. A wonderful man, I often remember him when I see a kite soaring up in the sky.