Monday, March 15, 2010


Yesterday we all had a great day at the beach. The morning was spent walking in the sand and dodging the huge waves that were rolling in. The surf was amazing, the largest I've seen since I've been down here. I decided to do the walk on my own in the afternoon with the idea that I might do a watercolour of the ocean side. Well, I found a very nice spot and set to work on a small watercolour. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by at least twenty of the local kids and adults, all very interested in what I was doing. I had an interesting time trying to communicate with them in my very very basic Spanish. It was fun having the kids tell me what the Spanish was for sky, water, birds etc. I came away with a nice little piece and some more Spanish, as well as a greater love and respect for these people. I post a photograph of the subject I painted, the painting will come at a later date. Beunos Dias!!

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Unknown said...

Hey Bro,
Hard to believe that your sojourn is almost over. Two weeks no doubt have flown by even faster for you.
See you on Friday.