Saturday, March 13, 2010

One week in Honduras

I cannot believe that I have been down here for a whole week already. We have been quite busy, work usually starts at 7 pm and we go until 5 for 6 days of the week. Today John and I put up the partitions and framed the roof for our cinder block home. The lady and her children who will be inhabiting it are quite excited about the progress, as are we. I think that by the end of monday they should be able to move their few pocessions in and settle in. I am very happy for them, to say the least. Sunday will be a day of rest and I think that I will go exploring along the beach to see what I can find. This photo is of a ramshackle group of huts where the locals can go for an alchohol type drink. I have been advised not to venture over that way in the dark as it can be quite dangerous. Last night someone around here was firing off a shot gun. Haven't heard if anyone was shot and that troublesome rooster is still giving me problems sleeping, so he wasn't the target.

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