Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Shack

The Shack
I call this the Shack but it was actually a small cottage down the back lane from me. Last spring someone came and knocked it down and hauled it away. Glad I came across it when I did. There's lots of places like this out here, nobody comes to them anymore and they get tired of paying taxes on them so down they come. This time of the year the shadows are getting longer and the colours brighter (and the sun warmer)!


maalari ja piirtäjä said...

Terveisiä Suomesta, tämä on komea maalaus, muistuttaa suomalaista metsää, jota olen itsekin maalannut.

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Darrell Baschak said...

Thank you Maalari, I have Finnish friends here who have told me that parts of Northern Canada are very similar to Finland which makes them quite comfortable living here!