Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clearwater Lake Revisited

Clearwater Lake, Mb
I was rummaging around in my studio today and came across an unfinished canvas of Clearwater Lake, Mb.  I remember wanting to capture a certain weather effect I had witnessed back there, a windy day with the sun at a low angle lighting up the distant shoreline, but I couldn't quite get my head around it until today.  I think I was into reminiscing about the good times that were had back there with family and friends so it came quite easily to me this time around.  Any one out there remember scenes such as this?


Anonymous said...

I can FEEL the wind. I feel like I am standing on shore right now.

Michael R. Gaudet said...

Classic piece, Darrell.
Very Group of 7-ish, and that is meant as a supreme compliment.