Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All the Diamonds

Of all the songs out there, Bruce Cockburns "All the Diamonds," off of his Salt, Sun & Time album has to be one of my personal all time favourites.  Everytime I hear this song it sparks a deep personal response in me, I was so pleased when he played it at a recent concert that I attended.  Cockburn is one of Canada's greatest poets, in my humble opinion, and his lyrics invoke wonderful imagery in my fertile mind.The other day, which was extremely warm for January 9th (11 Celcius), I had the distinct pleasure of painting an alla prima painting near my new home of Manitou Beach while listening to the album on my iPod.  Life is good, all my children I have spoken.


Richard Baschak said...

Yeah, all the diamonds in the world. Love this latest visual offering brother.

Michael R. Gaudet said...

Inspirational, Darrell!