Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aunty Marilyn's Passing

Notes from the Violin
carried away on the prairie wind
Auntie Marilyn has died.

Marilyns Roses  (Encaustic)

I received word that my Aunt Marilyn passed away from this world yesterday evening.  She was a favourite aunt of mine, I spent a lot of my youth at her farm enjoying her animals, garden, and cooking.  I always believed she had a special connection with her farm animals, some people do.  She lost her husband John just recently, they can be together again in a better place. I wrote the poem above while I was waiting for Crystal at the local grocery store.  There was an amazingly beautiful Rachmaninoff piece  playing on CBC Radio while I was contemplating my memories of Marilyn and I felt like writing something down that somehow expressed my feelings at that moment. I guess I lost another piece of myself.  Thanks for everything Marilyn.  Adieu. 

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