Saturday, January 8, 2011

Golden Hour

Scout Camp Point
I am a great fan of that time of the day when the sun is coming up or in the process of setting as such things as colour, value and hue are intensified in an extremely pleasing way.  This painting depicts an old haunt of mine back in The Pas, Mb.  About 25 minutes north of the town is one of the world's most beautiful lakes, seriously!  The water is so clean and clear that it reflects the light in the most amazing way, only one other lake in the world is similar to it.  On this day the sun was setting and lighting up the trees and rocks in an orange glow, very common for that lake.  I'll sit on this painting for awhile and see if it tells me anything.  Critiques are always welcome!

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Hanny said...

This reminds me of a lot of vacations with my dad, out camping on some island, or some lake.