Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art and hard work

I can honestly say that I have worked hard all my life and in the same breath admit that I could and can work a lot harder.  This goes for my "real job" as a carpenter and my passionate side of life that includes painting, music and love. (maybe not in that order)  The thing about hard work is that it does eventually pay dividends in the form of money (not so important), prestige (even less important), or knowledge and peace.  My brother Richard and I are fond of saying that the good Lord gave us able bodies and minds to use and the proper and grateful thing to do would be to resemble a well used rag on our death beds.  Amen to that.  This little plein air was painted not far from my current stomping grounds. I love poplars.
Painted while listening to Arthur Rubinstein playing the piano like he means it.

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