Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Thank God for my sight. Maybe we all take our vision for granted to some degree, don't you think? I just recently returned from a visit with a dear friend who has lost the use of one eye and only has 40 percent use of the other, due to diabetes. What a frightening prospect for him, an avid outdoorsman and superlative businessman. With so much focus being put on the Winter Olympics, which to a great degree is about health and fitness, it would be very good if the greater population would start to look after themselves like our great athletes do. I believe that if people would take better care of themselves we would see much less incidences of those heart wrenching sights of people losing their sight, legs and arms and ultimately, their lives to diseases like diabetes. Seems so easy yet people find it so hard to do. This pastel was painted from life, it is the view from my studio window on a lovely frosty morning, just around dawn. Enjoy, and be healthy!

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