Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've got Romance on my mind these days, after all, spring is in the air. The dogs and I observed some magpies and stellar jays making preparations to their nests the other day and it was quite peaceful to just observe their actions. That was a bit of romance in action I suppose. I am attempting to learn a classical guitar piece entitled "Romance", a lovely piece of music. My son is working down in Seattle these days and while thinking of him the other day I remembered this little watercolour I had of the area. It is called Romance.


Aleks said...

Another piece of true beauty,you realy are inspiration for me to make more aquarellas myself,brilliant!
It is romantic,sensual in its softnes of shapes and colours and very open towards light.Hope you do find time to enjoy the romance of new spring.Regards,Sandra

Darrell Baschak said...

Aleksandra, thank you again for your response to my painting. Watercolours are great for doing waterscapes, look at some of the British watercolourists past and present.

Aleks said...

You are welcome,Thank you for responding.By the by there is a small award for you on my blog,if you want it,I make no rules so see for yourself if and what you will do with it.Good luck,companero.