Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clearwater Lake

Well it seems like spring is starting to happen. Signs of it are everywhere you look now, melting snow, Canada Geese flying back and forth, robins and blue jays in the trees and that wonderful fresh quality to the air. Love it! I am posting a picture that I painted over a year ago of an absolutely stunning lake called Clearwater Lake. It is in northern Manitoba and is classified as a "true blue lake", one of only 2 in the world! I love it dearly. This view is of a place we call the "Caves", which is actually crevices created by the fractured Dolomite. Hope you enjoy it!

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Aleks said...

Well this is some true beauty,wow,what a combination of colours!That vibrating and pulsing red,soft tones of lightblue and that fresh green,Its realy like I'm there,brething in the freshnes of that place,wonderful.