Monday, February 29, 2016

Jackfish Creek

Jackfish Creek  Oil on Board 22 x 28 in
I was commissioned to paint this Oil in August of 2015.  I decided to complete it at our annual Art Retreat, which we held in Assinaboia, SK.  The painting was completed by the end of the second day and one of the organizers was so taken with it that she asked if she could purchase it. After some thought I decided to sell it to her, my thinking being that I could always paint another for the original client. What seemed like a good plan turned out otherwise because somehow or other my client saw her painting on Facebook and really liked it, not knowing that I had sold it!  I undertook to paint the above painting, and after quite a few revisions and alterations I managed to satisfy her and myself. A lesson learnt there for sure.

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Jane said...

It IS a stunning work !