Sunday, June 1, 2014


I got up quite early yesterday morning (5:00) and enjoyed the natural world from my deck that faces the lake. My watercolours were handy so in a  contemplative and purposeful way I painted my experience in those moments.  I had barely started painting when a large Raven flew overhead me with a small bird in its beak, likely a Robin chick, so I included that in the piece.  A thought entered me saying "this is." This is as natural as the way the wind causes the surface of the lake to turn another colour and texture. This is as natural and right as the sky turning from a pale rosy tint to blueish green.  Its hard to put thoughts on paper sometimes but I'll try.  We can trust Nature, she always gets it right.  We should not impose ourselves on Nature, that is not Natural and Healthy.  I am grateful to be taught the most amazing things by observing the seemingly simple and underated things in Nature.  This is not the first time the Raven has talked to me, but maybe thats a story for another time. Thanks for coming by.

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Jane said...

You captured that lovely early morning mood so perfectly , and I can only agree to your words . How wonderful to have a view like this, really worth getting up early for !