A pastel

Radiant Morning Pastel 9 1/2 x 12
I drew this pastel over a year ago and discovered it hidden away in one of my portfolios so I thought I'd share it. Its based on a little grove of trees down the road from my home. I kind of pushed the colour abit, by hey, its my world!


Hei, Darrell, tämä on todella komea pastellimaalaus, hienot värit ja loistava tunnelma.

Jane said…
The bold colors are just what make this painting special, striking and gorgeous piece of nature , love those red trunks.
Darrell Baschak said…
Thank you Maalari and Jane. Its wonderful what you see from the "corner of the eye", when observation is not so intense that the mind averages everything out.
dedefarrar.com said…
Your blog is short and to the point. I like that a lot. Your work is beautiful. I hope you are enjoying success.
Darrell Baschak said…
Thank you very much Dede (hope I got that right).