Saturday, October 27, 2012

The last Hurrah

I've posted numerous paintings that had their beginnings by my looking out my studio window, and this is another one.  Painted just before the cold weather set in and the wind blew all the leaves away, it also celebrates my continued interest in the Canadian Group of Seven, in particular Tom Thompson.  Hope you like it.


KonstantinaP said...

Oh I like it, very much indeed!
Beautiful and inspiring view you have, Darrell.
I don't like the winds or cold weather, but nothing to be done about it... just saying the last hurrah myself these days.
Warm regards.

Jane said...

This is what you see when looking out from your window ? I think I would stand there looking out all day if I were you. Would be interesting to see the same view when the leaves are gone :-) This is awesome, wonderfully lush and full of depth.

Darrell Baschak said...

Thank you once again ladies! It has been said many times before….. one can find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Nature is inspiring to me always.