Monday, May 28, 2012

Its Raining, its Pouring

Its terribly wet out and has been for a few days now. I have lots of work to do but its all outside so I'm in my studio trying to be productive and maybe learning something to boot.  This is an oil painting about water, one of my favourite subjects, and a leaf beginning its journey to who knows where.  After I was almost finished it for the day I realized it bore some resemblance to the American painter Larry Poons, whom I admire.  Funny what comes up through the sub-conscious at times.


Tony said...

Very Nice Darrell! Your ability to capture the ripples/waves and colours of the water amazes me. Great work!

Jane said... love life is boring me to tears....well, I suppose that was the song you had in mind ,I often sing that one when it is raining :-) Glorious way of painting the moving leaf, really very well rendered!