Saturday, July 24, 2010


This morning as I sat on my deck drinking a good cup of coffee I found myself thinking about the art of observation and how much this informs my life as a whole. There were the robins singing their lovely songs, a warbler hovering above a Canada thistle and eating the seed head. Actually it was that warbler that got me thinking about observation. Firstly, here was this beautiful yellow bird flying above a purple flower head - a perfect complementary pair in more than one way I bet. Nature gave the thistle its thistles to protect it I assume, but it also gave the thistle the warbler, who in the process of munching on its flower also helps propagate its species. And on and on it goes. The way that warbler gives out a joyous song as it bob's up and down as it flies away. The purple martins performing aerial acrobatics that would make Cirque du Soliel envious. Pelicans slowly circling above the lake and climbing higher and higher until they disappear from view. I have to think that I have been observing events such as these all my life and they are as important to me as breathing and my art making is all the more satisfying for it. The above painting was done many years ago while I was on a crazy fishing trip with my brothers and our sons. That is a story for another time!

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