Monday, January 11, 2010

Little Manitou Sketches

I had some fun the other day with my watercolours. It was a lovely Saturday morning and I felt like doing some painting whilst sitting in our sitting room that overlooks Manitou Lake. So out came my little kit and I went at it. No sooner had I done one when all of a sudden some fog rolled in and pretty much obliterated much of the detail. I decided to try capturing that effect and had some success. What fun I had! I suppose that is one of the great features of watercolours, you can set up right away and begin painting right off. I have posted three images, one an ink drawing from this summer. I did it while I was waiting for my concrete slab to set up enough to begin power trowelling. The light was failing and there was a wonderful misty effect happening, absolutely magical. To make the day even better I went for a walk with my two dogs to Wellington park and discovered a dozen robins flying about! Bear in mind that this is wintertime in Saskatchewan with the temperature hovering around minus 14 Celcius and at times dropping to minus 50 with the wind chill. Poor little things, but they must have their reasons for sticking around. I love Robins and am thrilled to have them here for the winter but I do find it odd that they stayed here for the winter.

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