Monday, October 26, 2009

Inspired by the Land

I recently attended the closing reception to a wonderful Art show entitled "Inspired by the Land". The show was at the Chapel Gallery in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and the curator was my dear friend Dean Bauche. Dean gathered together a diverse group of painters, photographers, writers, crafters, scientists and musicians who all together sent a message that we are all part of this creation, that we are diverse but we have a common message. The land, and all that is in it, inspires us, in whatever medium we work in. The contributors, Richard Baschak, Courtney Milne, Allan Sapp, Jean Sonmor, Judy-Kisikaw a Bear, Wes Fine Day, Sharon Butala, Trevor Herriot, Charles Fox, Angela Edmunds, Glen Sutter, Ovid Mercredi, Electric Skychurch, Angela Merasty, Lyndon Tootoosis, Darwin Atcheynum, Noelle Lucas, Maria Chickness, Margerat Naytowhow, Annie Roberts and Audrey Fine Day put together extraordinary work that as a whole made a tremendous impact on the audiences. There is talk that the show may travel to far away places and well that is should as it sends an urgent message. We must all live in harmony with our environment and its inhabitants. I am extremely grateful that I was a witness to the positive energy and goodwill present at that time. Thank you!!

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Anonymous said...

I knew about the show and talked about going to it for two weeks prior to the reception. Then I fell ill and never got to go. I regret not seeing a lot of the works by many artists. I am familiar with the work of Allan Sapp, which I love, although I would have been interested in seeing the work of Noelle Lucas. I find I am unable to find any other information about this artist.

Linda Knight (member of Saskatchewan Craft Council)