Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Giving yourself permission

A friend recently asked me to answer a number of questions relating to a paper she was writing for a university course on Artists and their motivations. I was happy to answer the 7 questions because it gave me a chance to reflect back on my life to the present and figure out indeed why I am an artist. How many of us actually think about how we got to where we are today, and does it help to reflect on that part of our life? Personally, I enjoy writing about my experiences with Art, thanks in part to Robert Genn of The Painters Keys. In his book, "Love Letters to Art", he states that quite often he will take notes on location as well as paint. He claims that doing this helps to solidify the moment experienced, and I totally agree with him. It is a common fact that the more of your faculties you use in any type of endevour the better the recollection later on. Back to Susans questions. She asked if I saw myself as always being an artist and I answered that I hope to be one until the day God takes me home. The artists way is one of respect for all of humanity and the physical world we all have been gifted with. To practice with that intent is to gain an even deeper respect and understanding of life. I am positive that all artists have a similar attitude.

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