Saturday, October 4, 2008

Artists Retreats

Its been awhile since I posted on the site, I had intentions of being more regular about that than it has turned out. Anyways, our annual Art Retreat in Shellmouth has come and gone and as usual it was a fantastic time for all involved. Most of us are already wondering when and where the next one is going to be as we usually get together again in the Autumn. What can I say about Shellmouth other than it is an intense week of Art making, socializing, eating and listening to great music by Jack and Sandra Hollenburg (Silk and Steel). I always manage to paint quite a bit, in the studio and out of doors. This retreat was particularly successful for me as I feet that I made a breakthrough with my paintings and I am quite excited about the direction I am going. I cannot seem to part with the paintings I created as I love looking at them everyday, in particular the painting I call "In the Forest". I hope to create a body of work, say 12 to 15 pieces, to present to a commercial gallery in Winnipeg or Saskatoon for possible representation.
In closing I just want to say again how much the Shellmouth retreat means to me. There isn't a greater bunch of people you will ever meet and they all have made a profound impact on my Art.

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