Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A painting for my Grandson

Its been awhile since I last posted. I have been busy paying the bills using my carpentry skills most of the winter but I have had some time to paint.  This painting of foxes is for my Grandson Cohen to hang in his nursery. I wanted to paint something of interest for him, sort of like "wheres Waldo" with the foxes hiding in the bushes. Unfortunately this family of foxes home is currently being destroyed to make way for some bone ugly tract homes and condo's in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, across the backlane from where Cohen lives. Thats progress for you.  Instead of what do the foxes say we could ask "where will the foxes go?"


Jane said...

A fantastic painting , wonderful , sweet and alive , what a wonderful gift to Cohen ! And I agree with you on the 'progress' !

Darrell Baschak said...

Thanks for coming by Jane!